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Modifications to fit your needs

When you live with limited mobility, it can be hard to find the freedom and independence you crave. Your home is your sanctuary, an escape from the world but if it’s a battle to move around, it can be frustrating.

We’re committed to adapting your house to meet your needs. We will make sure your home is safe, easy and secure. We believe your home should fit your needs. This is why we work closely with you, your family and your support team. As a result, we deliver a unique solution that gives you more control over how you choose to live.

It all begins by listening to you so we can assess what modifications you’ll need. Using our extensive experience, we’ll help you choose the right modifications. We install all modifications and equipment carefully so they’re safe and easy to use, and our follow-up service ensures you are confident with your new equipment and can enjoy your home.

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How we can help modify your home

We’ve assisted many families modify their homes, making them more accessible, safe and comfortable. From planning and designing to construction and installation, we are with you every step of the way.

Common types of home modifications

Our team take care of everything from planning and designing your ideal living environment, to sourcing and preparing your home for any structural changes. It’s our goal to make every step easy for you, minimise disruption and help you live in a home you love. Whether you need to install lifting equipment, modify your living areas or improve independence with smart technology, we are Perth’s home modification specialists.

Around the home modifications

Quite often getting in and out of the home can pose an issue to people with disabilities or for aged care, particularly when doorways are not suited to wheelchair access. Additionally, someone with limited mobility might find turning on the lights, lifting blinds, door opening are only a few challenges to mention. All these challenges can be made significantly easier with certain modifications. Some of the home modifications we can install are;

around the home modifications

  • Widening doorways and openings –  The regular door width in Australia typically ranges from 720mm to 820mm, however the wheelchair access standard is a minimum of 850mm. The differences in the width of door opening generally means that the door needs to be widened for wheelchair access. We believe that if the space is available the door should be as wide as possible. From the front door and any other areas of the house modifications might be necessary to gain access and independence in the home. Further difficulties are faced with the standard hinged swing doors due to navigation troubles for wheelchair users, in some cases entering small spaces might not even be impossible if the door swings inwards. In this situation, sliding doors allow for wider opening, encroach less into a room, therefore allowing more space in that room.
  • Light Switches – It is important that switches and power points are in reach, easy to use and easily identified. Conventional switches pose a difficulty to people with limited mobility, limited sight or suffer from any other physical conditions. Disabled switches can be installed with touch sensitive switches and wider screens, larger switches and lights within a switch that are easy to see and push. Additionally, with the use of technology things are becoming more voice activated and less contact switches.
  • Home automation & smart technology –  Smart Technology can change your life. From simple systems that improve household tasks to communication equipment that keeps you safe, technology is here to help. We can help you decide what type of smart technology will help in your unique situation. As a result you and your loved ones can live with greater independence, comfort and security. monitoring solutions;
  • Assistive technology equipment Installing simple but effective equipment can make doing things much easier. Things like grabrails, handrails, portable or fixed ramps, ceiling hoists and slings. We install a range of assistive technology equipment and you can find out more in our Assistive Equipment pages.

Other types of home modifications

There’s a lot of other types of home modifications that can make a huge difference. Things like; lowering door handles or increasing the height of electric power points, stair lifts, replacement of taps,  slip resistant flooring. There is a wide range of home modifications we can help you with.

Bathroom modifications

Bathrooms can be particularly challenging for people who live with disabilities due to space, safety, and personal requirements. Adjustments to the bathroom through home modifications and the inclusion of assistive technologies home modifications can significantly improve access and increase mobility resulting in greater independence.

bathroom modifications

The primary reason behind a bathroom modification is safety.

Slipping and falling are real concerns for the elderly or people living with disabilities. Secondly, space is particularly important in the planning of remodelling a bathroom. The surrounding objects like shower hobs, walls and vanities may need to be removed to improve mobility. Whether the accommodation is intended for someone in a wheelchair or not an appropriate flooring within the bathroom is necessary to avoid slips and falls.

Some of the main elements of a home modification to an accessible bathroom will include a wider doorway, no thresholds and wall mounted grab rails, drop-down grab rails or other assistive technology to accommodate any individual needs. Other bathroom modification services we can provide:

  • Widen Doorways for Wheelchair Accessibility
  • Install Thermostatic Shower Tapware to Reduce Risk of Scalding
  • Install Lever Tapware or Mixer Tapware for Ease of Use
  • Remove HOB for Fully Accessible Walk-In Shower
  • Install Handheld Shower Sprayer
  • Supply/Build/Install Disabled Showers and Bathtubs
  • Supply and Install Disabled Bath Lifts
  • Install Non-Slip Flooring
  • Install Grab Rails
  • Install Wall Mounted or Easy/Over Height Toilet
  • Installation of automated bidets
  • Install Shower Seat

Accessible toilets

Accessible toilets are often a crucial component for people living with a disability. Having a functional as well as inclusive space to accommodate wheelchair users and persons with a range of disabilities can greatly improve an individual’s independence. Typically, and accessible toilet could include the removal of walls, relocation of the toilet, installation of grab rails and possibly toilet replacement.

Accessible basins

Accessible basins need to comply with Australian standards with reference to height, width and will allow for leg/foot clearance. Additionally, a common adjustment might be replacing existing taps with an easy to grip one such as a leaver design. Some of the more advanced versions could include height adjustability to suit several users, safety rails and easy-to-clean surfaces.

Kitchen modifications

Making accessible adjustments or modifications to a kitchen can provide independence to people living in their own home. It also create a safe and practical space for future requirements. By creating a kitchen suited to a person with a disability or a limited mobility you can achieve; more independence, an efficient use of space, safety, and a comfortable environment.

kitchen modifications

Planning and designing a kitchen for a disability it is particularly important. Because of the differences between kitchen layouts, there is a greater challenge to create a space suitable to individual needs, and ensure it is functional at the same time. Having a disability doesn’t need to pose an impediment to kitchen use and safety.

Kitchen modifications include but are not limited to;

  • Removal of cupboard joinery under selected kitchen benches to provide for knee/foot clearance for wheelchair users
  • Height adjustment of nominated kitchen benches
  • Install Specialised Low Sinks and Thermostatic Taps
  • Install Customised Low Cabinets to Suit Specific Need
  • Widen Doors & Entryways for Wheelchair Access
  • Install Non-Slip Flooring to Prevent Slips and Falls
  • Suitable changes to appliances such as induction/ceramic cook tops, side hinge ovens and drawer style dishwashers
  • Joinery changes to provide storage space
  • A mobile bench on wheels that allows for manual height adjustment

One of the most important features for people with limited mobility includes the accessibility of kitchen countertops. Often, kitchens suited to someone living with a disability will include an unbroken surface between food preparation, storage, and cooking appliances. Additionally other items in the kitchen such as light switches, appliances, drawers and cupboards should be suited to the individual’s needs. For example, an solution might include replacing open flame cooktops with induction ceramic ones, standard ovens with side hinge ones and the install of drawer-style dishwashers.