Assistive Technology

Assistive technology for the home

Assistive technology is equipment that helps makes things easier to do and keep you safe. There’s a range of practical equipment and technical solutions designed for your home, office or organisation to help with restricted mobility or disability living.

We are committed to bringing the power of assistive technology into your home or workplace, so you can live and work with greater independence, safety and comfort.

As a registered NDIS provider, Mills Remedial Builders can assist you with creating an accessible living plan and swiftly implement assistive technology equipment so you and your loved ones can enjoy the comfort of your space.

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assistive technology

Types of assistive technology


Through access ramps people with mobility issues can maintain their independence and feel confident in their homes with minimal assistance.

For senior citizens and people with disabilities having the option to complete everyday tasks is particularly important. A simple action such as entering or exiting your home may not seem like a big deal to able bodied individuals. However, for those who face mobility challenges stairs, curbs, and steps this poses a risk and hinders their ability to function in their home.

Most common construction of ramps accessible on the market are Concrete, Timber, Rubber, and Steel. In different situations certain ramps might be more desirable based on location, space, aesthetics, and practicality.

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wheelchair ramps

Handrails & grabrails

The main benefits of installing handrails in a home of an elderly or a disabled person is assisted care for their own independence. This helps provide safety, ease of mobility and confidence. The most common space where a grab rail might need to be installed is a bathroom, WC, and bedrooms. Typically, the position of grab rails depends on the specific area where a person might need additional support.

Installing grab rails around the home can often provide a person with additional piece of mind and ensure they regain some of their independence. Additionally, the use of grab can help family members or carers when assisting a person with limited mobility.

Though grab rails might seem like a small addition to someone’s home they can have a huge impact on the comfort and environment of where the individual lives.

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handrails and grabrails

Light switches

It is important that switches and power points are in reach, easy to use and easily identified.

Conventional switches pose a difficulty to people with limited mobility, limited sight or suffer from any other physical conditions.

Disabled switches can be installed with touch sensitive switches and wider screens, larger switches and lights within a switch that are easy to see and push.

Additionally, with the use of technology, things are becoming more voice activated and less contact switches.

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rocker light switches

Height adjustable benchtops

Having the ability to adjust a benchtop to a suitable height makes a significant difference to individuals living with limited mobility. Whether the benchtop is in the kitchen for cooking, study or a dining table having the ability to modify the height provides a great advantage and comfort. This promotes independence, and optimal working conditions.

By installing an adjustable benchtop in a home, the following can be efficiently achieved:

  • Increased self-reliance for the user
  • Greater Accessibility to both standing and seated users
  • Easier adapting to individual requirements
  • Provides greater comfort

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height adjustable benches

Lifting equipment

Lifting equipment and systems come in different shapes and sizes to suit the diversity of situations and individual persons lifting needs, they can provide support to individual appendages or the entire body. Some provide motorised control and are moved along a set track system while others have the option to be mobile and can be moved from space to space.

Before lifting systems were used, aiding disabled and elderly persons when they needed to perform daily tasks posed a significant risk to all involved. A simple task like getting in and out of bed would pose a coordinated challenge to ensure safety.

We specialise in installing lifting equipment such as ceiling hoists, bath lifters, pool hoists and tracking systems. We also specialise in installing patient lifting hoists in hospitals, aged care facilities where lifts are an essential component of patient care. Whether you’re installing these in your home to care for a loved one, or an organisation, our team are here to help. Our extensive experience in building and modification work means we are ideally placed to help you plan, implement and safely use specialised assistive technology.

Installing a lifting system in a home can help with among other things:

  • Relocation of an individual from one room to another
  • Transfer of a patient from a bed to a wheelchair or vice versa
  • Elevation of a single limb
  • Alleviation of pressure points
  • Isolation of a limb

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lifts and hoists

Home automation & smart technology

With the recent technology advancements home automation is becoming second nature to people living with a disability. For an aging or a disabled individual fear of falling or being unable to carry out the standard routines in their home or even in a controlled space is a real fear. Having assistive technology that minimises these risks could be a tangible solution for many. Some commonly installed systems include:

  • Sensory door openers
  • Voice activated control lighting
  • Sensory voice control of window fittings
  • Voice controlled climate control
  • Automated Emergency call system
  • Sensory devices especially in homes that require medical related assistive technology
  • Uninterrupted power supply for medical equipment in case of an emergency
  • Installation and connection of smart devices such as Google Home or Alexa At.
  • Environmental Control Unit
  • Personal communication equipment
  • Assistive products for household tasks
  • Personal care and safety technology

If you’re adapting your home to ensure greater independence and freedom, advanced technology such as an Environmental Control Unit can make a huge difference. Environmental Control Unit’s allow daily tasks to be performed simply through a centralalised control system. This means turning on lights, television or heating and cooling systems can be remotely operated. By using these systems you can gain a peace of mind while maintaining comfort.

These automated services can help an individual remain in their home for a longer time or can enable an assisted living facility to carry out the daily tasks with greater ease.

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